Tenisha Jones more than likely played with pens rather than a rattle as a child. As a newcomer to the spoken word scene her passion has always been creative writing.  Since discovering the power of her voice in August 2010, she has made a name for herself, leaving it all on the stage with every performance.  The audience can relate to Tenisha’s transparent portrayal of her walk into her purposed destiny and the discovery of her love for herself.

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Tenisha was exposed to literary arts at a young age thanks to her two loving parents.  She was always spotted with a book and in her hand once she could sound out words on her own.  In her high school years she became a fan of writers such as Donald Goines, Sapphire, Toni Morrison, Michael Baisden, Malcolm X and Sister Souljah.  Tenisha always envisioned herself as a writer of a novel, like Walter Mosley.  The only poems she wrote at that time was prayers and love letters to her high school sweetheart. 

Things changed for Tenisha 3 years ago when her pastor, Dr. Michael L Henderson Sr, called her to the altar giving her a direct message from God.  His words, “I don’t know you well but God told me to tell you that if you aren’t writing, start now.  And once you stop being disobedient and start following his word, he’s going to use you to save women’s souls.  You were destined to be a writer”.  And so the writing began.

Tenisha’s full-time job is an Internet Marketing Sales Representative for Yodle.  With over seven years experience in the Internet Marketing industry she has an impressive reputation in the Southeast region.  Tenisha is known as a SMART and efficient worker as she professionally juggles home and work life.  Many of  Tenisha’s fan favorite poetry pieces depicts her struggles and triumphs of life’s balancing act and her love for her son Tyler.  This journey has not been easy for her, but her drive is fueled by aspiring to reach the souls of closet creative geniuses, those loathing in low self-esteem and those who feel lost or confused in this superficial world.

March 1, 2011, Tenisha released her debut mix CD entitled Love Perceptions. Love Perceptions includes 8 hot tracks infused with metaphorical and thought provoking lyrics.  This CD has something for everyone, most importantly, a message of love and a call to spread love into the world from the outside in. 

The CD can be purchased for $5 plus $2 shipping charge.  Please e-mail her directly for order inquires, tenishamjones@yahoo.com

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