Affordable Internet Marketing Services for the Entertainment Industry and Small Business

When more people know who you are and what you do, you make more money-PERIOD!   Are you an artist with an upcoming show, tour, album and/or video release?  Are you the owner of a new business or an existing business expanding their services and looking to grow your client base?  Are you a promoter needing to publicize an upcoming event or reoccurring events?  An on-going press release strategy is the most cost effective way to keep your name in front of your targeted audience in a timely and concise fashion.

Take advantage of my lost cost PRESS RELEASE SERVICES.  The service includes a 300 word article on your business or project that will be publicized across 20 of the top article based websites in the country.  If you have a website, the articles will be linked directly to your website.  If not, we will include as much contact information as needed to ensure your audience will contact you for services.  The article sites are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Media outlets like to distribute information over the internet about local news that personally impacts a targeted market.  How beneficial would it be to have your website, YouTube Channel or Reverbnation page or party invites rank at the top of natural search engine results?  Invest in your business and brand the professionalism of your service. Most importantly your passion for what you do.  $30 for customized press release will take your business far and give you exposure in a short amount of time.  Contact me at to schedule a 15 minute consultation.