My messages are
pages within a book
letters within a word
pieced together
creating a literary image
of what you see in the mirror
but deny once your head
is turned from the reflection.

My metaphors are
truths that your Third Eye
can never be blinded from
challenging your brain to
solve the riddle of life.

The sound of my voice signals the eyes you use to view the world
to look at your neighbors
the way your creator looks at you-
A uniquely created
purpose filled
destined for greatness spirit
within a temporary vessel.

My words were given to me
from the willingness to
stare directly in my soul.

And I want to share them with you.
To patch up the holes in your spirit
that life’s cruelty caused.

I am a healer – that’s still healing

Will you take this journey with me?

Tenisha M. Jones