Dear Troy:

We don’t know each other, but we know each other
social network trial stars are what we are
I’m depicted as the villain, and you as the victim
but I could give a fuck what they call me
bitch I’m breathing
outside the confinement of concrete walls and steel bars
without any breed responsibility
I’ll party hard for you

I was the same age of my slain daughter the day you were incarcerated
at the age of 21 you pled not guilty of killing Officer MacPhail,
I was just one year older the day I denied killing my own offspring
the courts wanted to snatch our futures from both of us with the death penalty
and some days I wonder if you’re in heaven shaking your head at me
because my skin tone and parents money was the only reason
they had no success with me

Money talks, not the justice system

Ignorance is bliss and the media calls me a heartless bitch
so I don’ t have much sympathy for you Troy
but I do want to thank you
because your story took the camara’s zoom focus off me

Nigga please
the state of Georgia couldn’t give a damn about a brown skin man with a GED
who already pleaded guilty to a lesser felony
once a black man goes bad, he’s gone forever
and with one flip of the switch, you’re gone forever

The irony makes me chuckle
I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you
I’m sure you thought me walking away handcuff free was racial irony
shit my mama called the police on me,
my dad hinted of my guilt when he took the stand,
prosecutors presented evidence including my ex baby girl’s hair strands
I told so many lies, that my whole case could have been picked apart
lack of common sense is what saved my life
my folks decided not to listen to their heart
and do the opposite of right

Money talks, not the justice system

I would think you black people would know better
than to keep letting public defenders represent you
or accept the help from organizations who see you as the pity nigga

The way your case was handled is pitiful
when your fellow negroes snitching on you is acceptable
but their admission of lies can’t be recanted
my lies,
which some believe disrespected my daughter’s memory
were paid off by fines
you should have put your money up,
instead of pleading for petition and prayers

God and government don’t mix
just like Georgia courts and black men stay in constant conflict
I know I was wrong and killing you wasn’t right
but you can’t be in dismay with me for eternity
Nigga look down on me again,
I will always win, I’m white,
your skin tone and social status is where your case took an unfair turn

I am Troy Davis
minus the fact I have blue eyes and  I’m guilty as hell
I can admit my wrong doing to you,
who can you tell?
remember the courts won’t believe you anyway

Money talks, not the justice system

©2012 Tenisha M Jones