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Poet head (poh-it hed):  n.  1. One who is consumed with writing and performing and breathing and waking and sleeping poetry;  2. one who applauds the one who is consumed with writing and performing and breathing and waking and sleeping poetry”
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There are many entrepreneurs and/or extremely hard-working, black, single men in the Charlotte area that are seeking a beautiful woman who has a semi full schedule herself.  Behind every good man is a good woman especially when she has the ability to fulfill her dreams as well as assist her mate reach his full potential.  It takes a smart and determined woman to do that.  Claudette Channer, creator of Word4Word, believes she can have it all and she won’t quit until she accomplishes just what she wants. 

She’s one of the thousands of transplants here in the Queen City by way of  Bronx, New York.  Claudette has yet to find her favorite local hang out spot but has the joy of enjoying the company of some of her favorite people.  She’s open to all kinds of activities such as spoken word, live music and she occasionally likes to go out and shake it up on the dance floor. When describing her experience in Charlotte since arriving two years ago, she stated: “I think Charlotte has the potential to be great but still has a lot of areas that need to grow before I can see myself here forever. It lacks diversity and ethnicity.”  That’s one of the reasons why the majority of her spare time is spent on the road traveling to Atlanta GA or various SC cities.  Our feature Black Butterfly Single, knows how to balance life as a single mom, full-time employee and contributor to the Charlotte’s poetry community by not taking life so seriously and doing almost everything she does with a smile.

Black Butterfly Q & A

Q: You’ve called yourself a poethead, what do you love about poetry?
Claudette: I love poetry for so many reasons! The short of it is that I love words and expression. Poetry has a way of showing the beauty in words. The way it can evoke feelings just by clever word play is intriguing to me.

Q: What is Word4Word and what made you start it?
Claudette: Word4Word is a poetry showcase every 4th Saturday of the month at Red@28.  I started it because I wanted to create a space the showcased what poetry means to me. Art can be clique-ish. I wanted a space that truly embraces that art while showcasing all different styles. I want to create a place where all poets can showcase their work whether they are slam poets, haiku poet, amateur or professional, black or white etc. If they love the art and are serious about their craft I welcome them.

Q: Do you believe in the 90 day rule?
Claudette: I don’t really follow any set of dating rules. I am wise enough to know when the persona nd time is right. I usually go with the flow and not some made up guideline.

Q: What do think about Barak Obama?
Claudette: I think he has made some great strides. Health care reform is the closest we have ever been to universal health care and it makes an impact in people’s ability to provide health care for their family.  I’m still skeptical about his signing of the NDAA but after reading his signing statement, I can understand his position. I support my president.

Word4Word will be having its next event February 25th at Red@28.  Please contact Claudette Channer for more information or any further questions.