with every new day
in the new break of the morning
the experience of opening our eyes
becomes new again
our creator has granted you a new judgment day


Place your hands over your womb
and before you begin a new breathe


So deep that you awake
the center of your consciousness
and allow its power to flow up
and recharge your vital organs
who’s healthy existence makes you a better

grant the persuasiveness of your inner part
to fill your heart with the power of love
that only a womb-man can provide

We are birthed from the descendants of Goddesses
who nurtured and disbursed milk from their breast
to feed the off springs of their oppressors
it should be second nature for us
to love our neighbors despite of themselves

So bask in the glow of love
own it,
let it,
illuminate your purpose outwardly
and within
you are God

permit your endowment of a tool to create life
to surge unbreakable belief and loyality
in the Universe’s creator that his spirit,
tickles your throat
causing you to verbally deliver life

Speak it

Repeat it with so much moxie
that you heal scarred spirits
mend broken hearts
give sight to those with blindness in their third eye
you too are the alpha of creation


The creativity given to you
through your womb onto the world
you are a God

we can no longer allow America to tell us otherwise
follow the lineage of our ancient Egyptian mothers
who took pride that all areas of life transcended through them

They were proud of
birthing new generations
birthing century old traditions
birthing confidence and strength in men and children
birthing forgiveness towards abusers
all civilization was birthed from the black woman’s womb
Yet we’ve faced martyrdom of our power each and every day
for hundreds and hundreds of years


Take another deep breathe
take one hand from your womb
and place it on your rising chest
take refuge in your ability to birth constructive thoughts
pronounce positivity
transpiring to productive results

Allow the elated energy of your womb
to rejuvenate your spirit before your body rises
to begin your new day
the experience of how to handle life
becomes new again
our creator has granted you a new judgment day


Because you are God Womb-Man

Never forget

The manifestation of the events within the world around us
begins in our wombs

©2011 Tenisha M Jones