As most 30 plus single women, I too have had my share of dating and love horror stories.  Just like many horror films, many relationship endings can be predicted from the opening scene but we still subject ourselves to repetitious scenarios.  Predictably keeping our fingers crossed hoping that suspense becomes synonymous with sweet suddenness.  But I wonder if in relationships we treat humans as scripted puppets verses the ever evolving spiritual beings we are. 

History has proven that history repeats itself.  However, are red flags universal?  I’m starting to question the “Watch Out For The Red Flag” theory and dig more into the intentions of the person waving a subjectively seen flag.  After all, isn’t love suppose to be blind?


“I’m kinda scared to relinquish the truth
I’m petrified to admit my present view of you
is based upon the glimpses of them I can’t seem to escape
regardless of how many months, days or hours I’ve been without the ache

Your arms have been reaching out to penetrate my heart
and with every touch it becomes evident I’m still bruised underneath
so I jump, whence a little
and no matter how bad it hurts
I can’t expect you to be the doctor and operate it from my system
and nurse me to healing
while psyching me out
that my belief that I deserve better than what I’ve gotten in the past is true

You have your own healing to do…”
©2011 Tenisha M Jones

Releasing the fear of discomfort from running into your own walls must be done first to be truly blind to love.  Should you communicate your inability to let your heart lead you to your love interest?