According to Websters, the word King is defined as “a male monarch of a major territorial unit; especially: one whose position is hereditary and who rules for life”. There’s a lot of women who either state they desire a king in their lives or claim they have a king that they love dearly. I’m pondering if society has watered down the expectations of a man which allows false proclamations of them being worthy of the King status.

“One whose position is hereditary”…so who’s passing down the title?  Unfortunately, single family households has become an epidemic in black communities, lack of government funds has dampened many mentoring programs and this generation is becoming further removed from church. A father and/or father figure and God are the only ones that can pass the crown. Mothers can not teach their sons how to be a strong man, and a girlfriend can’t command attributes that were never present.

If you ask 10 women what’s a must have quality in their mate, 9 are going to say “a God-fearing man”. I think this is a scripted response and a statement that’s thrown out there because it’s expected to be heard. If women felt so strongly about having a relationship with a spiritual leader, why are so many of us treating this trait as a want versus a need. I hear more women rejecting men who can’t satisfy their need for a big genitalia than I hear women reject men because they have no spiritual foundation. Laying the pipe good has become a bigger relationship stabilizer than covering those that you love in prayer and understanding.

The saying is “the good guy finishes last” and that’s okay if a man is made in God’s image and has an understanding that He is God. Remember God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. So ladies, why are so many of us placing men who lack a relationship with God at the forefront of our lives to lead? Without knowing God, he’s ignorant to his purpose, his individual power that he can contribute to the world and his faith is undeveloped. Spiritual enlightenment is non-existent which results in mental weakness, glass half empty perceptions and negative Norman theories of the world. How can he be the head with half a brain? I’m not a psychologist, but I don’t believe it’s possible.

Therefore, in honor of the men who love the Lord, study how to contribute to a kingdom like society and display through actions that God truly resides within him, this poem is for you:

For the past two years
I’ve been on a self-reflection tour
inspecting every fiber of me
from my brain down to my feet
attempting to accomplish mental peace
and learning to just be
by gaining an appreciation
of the universe beneath me
I always knew God will never cease providing
but now I truly believe it
I’m confident enough to teach it
I’m becoming more responsible so I can receive…
and that’s why God has brought me you
when I stare at you,
I don’t feel whimsical seeing God’s reflection
because you’ve welcomed him, his son and the Holy Spirit
to reside within you
and that’s why you’re so strong
one soldier
with the spiritual strength of an army
and I’m a woman who’s strong enough
to let you lead me
every action you put forward
is to secure your seat by our father’s throne
so while you’re living in the natural,
I will build you a throne of your own
your love and reverence for God
makes you so sexy to me
in today’s world,
a man who truly loves God is a rarity
so I promise to cherish you
luster your shine if you become mentally dull
never let you forget you mean the world to me…

 ©2011 Tenisha M Jones