The beats of my heart follow
different rhythmic patterns
when I think of you

The tempo is upbeat
my cadence from sounds of joy interchanges from high to higher
our in sync heart beats goes from loud to louder
escalating my chest’s breathing patterns from hard to harder

Just the thought of you takes my breath away
and causes the direction of my frown
to sway
up towards the clouds
and my hips from left to right

Just the thought of you makes me dance as if I’ve caught
the holy ghost in church
but everyone can tell by my slight bounce
I was in the club last night

Your spirit overwhelms me
it gives life to my happiness
and strengthens my security within
I’m no longer afraid to shout out
I’m falling for you
and give God thanks for bringing me you
when I fall to my knees in prayer
or fall into your arms

My dance moves are done almost effortlessly
My steps are light and graceful
because of your willingness to carry life’s weight with me

My shoulders and stress levels are less tense
your assistance allows me to be more flexible
I’ve become more limber…

My back no longer slouches when I’m in a stance
because I don’t want to drop the crown
you placed on my head when you entitled me your Queen

My stage fright has dissipated
because you encourage my greatness
embrace my uniqueness
and strengthen my weaknesses

So sit

And let me dance for you

Put your arms up like you’re on a roller coaster
while I ride you
and you scream
as I swirl on your Steel Force

Keep your dollars
because your love is priceless
as valuable as the entry to my womb
and the bareness of my soul
so I give you a full view of my ass clapping techniques
in the nude

Since we’re not in the club
we’re posted up in the living room of
“Nish’s Spot”
there’s no rules
grab what looks good
taste what looks better
you can have it all

Baby you earned this
let me display…
my love through actions
my yearning for you through the grind of my hips
my knowledge of what you like by grabbing my tits
my submission to you by allowing you to smack my ass


Just like your….

I see you like it when I dance for you.
©2011 Tenisha M Jones