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When I was a child
bedtime stories depicted boys
as future Princes
saving a damsel in distress
out a fortress with high man made walls
or my dreams recapped the tales
of Little Jane’s lost
in a jungle of madness
until Tarzan would swing to her rescue

Conversely, your nights were filled
with childlike terrors that adults
wouldn’t have the strength to endure
and instead of happy endings
your mother gave you a reason
to crave new beginnings
of your generational betrayal
with the story beginning with you

And in this evil world of hope thieves
heart breakers
and villains of souls
you took the form of Spiderman
placed a web on my heart
and climbed over my fear and doubt
that super heroes still exist

Now when I dream,
it’s your face
on the body of Superman
sending my level of happiness and security to new heights
I want to fly away with you
into the future we both want
but not sure we can make come true

Late night adult pillow talk between you and I
now tell stories of real life
and I notice the dimmer in your eyes
when you refer to your X-women
who caused you X-tra pain
reason went un X-plained
why they didn’t deem your love X-traordinary enough
to X-tend eternal loyalty
they posed as saviors of your future
until years of mask peels revealed
they were stone cold
forms of Kryptonite to your soul

Superheroes can’t win battles with half their strength
and you and I are a team fighting to give our kids
what they don’t currently have
an Incredibles like home-
children, dog, mom & dad

So let’s reverse traditional roles
and I’ll fight against your hearts fear
untrap you from the Danger Room
that placed a chip in your brain
programming you that real love can’t be saved
I’ll replace decades of nightmares
with comic book like scenes

You can envision me as Kitty Pyrde
as I pass through the bullshit brainwashing
of the monsters before me
so the doubts of do I really care will phase away

Or how about I play Jean Grey
my hugs, kisses and touches in the places you like
sends you telekinetic signals
that in your arms is where I want to stay

I’ll stand by you no matter what the weather
but when the thunder of an irresponsible mother
come crashing down
interrupting your personal internal peace,
make believe I’m Storm
the only woman in your life
 that has the power to immediately make the Sun shine

If that’s not enough
I also have the strength of Rouge
annihilate your nighttime restlessness
because I have the ability to absorb
every drop of love that you give out
I’ll make it transparent through actions
every moment that your eyes are open
that I’m able and willing to give it back

My hero

You have the intellect, compassion and strength
to rule the world
put your hands in mine
let’s formulate a plan to split it in two
like Pinky and the Brain
or Clark Kent & Louis Lane

A man like you deserves Marvel-ous love
the dramatic saga the women in your life once caused
will become a comic like memory..
Me saving you,
while you save me
makes for a book of love stories
that ends in the sweetness of captured dreams
I’m the savior of your new beginnings.