Although Charlotte Black Butterfly is catered to the single community, I don’t want to leave those in unhappy relationships out.  In reality, the unhappy mate is probably conducting themselves as a single already.  Maybe justifiably so since they’re only a few short tugs away from completely loosening the noose around their necks.  Please advise I’m referring to unmarried people in “titled” relationships.  If you are married and displaying the actions of a single, vow-less individual, go hang yourself. 

Nearly every adult has ended a meaningful love relationship or two.  The reasoning behind the breakup varies. The transition is handled differently by all, but one common factor remains constant, it’s hard – but necessary.  The support of family and friends is vital during this time to help keep things in perspective in a positive manner.

Comparably, nearly every adult has been the confidant to a person close to or going through a breakup.  How would you handle a situation if you began to see qualities in a person that causes you to see them more than just a platonic friend?

I wrote a poem about this scenario.

Would you like to read it?

Here you go….

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

I’ve never been the jealous type
but I wonder if I met you first
would her beauty still take your breath away
the way her insecurities suffocate you now
disabling you from exhaling tales of happiness with her
all I wanna do is wrap my lips around yours
in an attempt to resuscitate your pride
give you half my air and a taste of what life with me is like
I’m not afraid to share my all, even my last breath

But I wonder if you would reject it
due to the adverse reaction of mixing me and her
you’ve been strung out from her pussy for some time now
ignoring the side effects of:
*lack of creativity
*increase heart rate from unnecessary bullshit
*decrease appetite cause the bitch can’t boil water
*muscle spasms from cringing due to
*night terrors visualizing what she’s doing out at 4 in the morning
*shrinking of a nice stiff cock because she feels a little wider than she did last week

You’ve become addicted to her pain,
she an eye sore
her sex appeal keeps you high –
high fiving niggas,
receiving stares from women who’s curious of the techniques used to maintain her hour glass shape,
getting personal invites from the A-List Click –
with her-
 you’re a Very Important Person
with her –
 her looks make you look good

But I wonder if you truly believe beauty is skin deep
right before you stands a masterpiece
my eyes are vivacious portraits of our creators purpose for you
because I see your foresight
 and if you should ever be taken off course
I’m that supportive reminder watching you every step of the way.
In between my ears is a collection of your anthology
a composition that tells your life’s story
with no editing to please the public
apparently I’m willing to accept your raw talent
and would back you up, be your Spliff Star if you need me
My breast, round sculptures of softness
capturing your view of serenity-
a place to lay when the worries of the world
makes you desolate due to disquiet
my heartbeat communicates life
and recharges you to continue living your dream

So I wonder if you think I’m sexy too?
How do I look to your heart?
you’ll never know because you won’t give me a shot
to inject you with anti-heartbreak
healing you of her superficial love
relieving the deterioration of your substance
that’s caused your ego to collapse
You can be complete, mentally whole
instead of accepting her diagnosis of you being the weaker half
I will be your night nurse to heal you from her withdrawal

I’ve never been the jealous type
but I wonder if I met you first
would my beauty take your breath away
the way my gawking of you love a loveless love suffocates me now.
©2011 Tenisha M Jones