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“To understand the love a man is capable of-watch how his eyes glow or his smile sparks at the mention of his child’s name”

How many conversations have you overheard this year of girlfriends discussing the lack of good available men in the Charlotte area? The fact is there are plenty of men available, but they aren’t circling the same ten most frequently visited spots. Take Michael McCoy, owner of Michael Vincent Photography for example. This 29 year old enjoys the night life Charlotte has to offer but he prefers the tranquility smaller cities have. One of his favorite vacation spots is Charleston, which may explain his hobby for fishing, or his hobby may be the muse behind his self proclaimed status of being a loner. “Keep small circles and don’t let people affect your personal business” is the life lesson he believes is most important to teach his son. Obviously, he has to practice what he preaches…right?

Wrong – Michael’s willingness to share his interests as part of this Black Butterfly series solidifies his admission of being an adventurous Pisces. As a part time Fireman for eleven years, currently working for Longcreek Fire Department, and running a highly recommended photography business, he’s able to get his fix for adventure with a check attached to it. Conversely, Michael is a firm believer in maintaining balance and staying grounded. With his full time position as a computer installer for our school systems and role as a full time father, his actions professes…Michael loves the kids.

Black Butterfly Q & A

Q: What’s more important to you – loyalty or dependability?
Michael: Dependability because you can always count on that person to be there.

Q: Dead or Alive – Put together your ideal concert?
Michael: Tupac, Biggie and Mary J. Blige

Q: What attributes does a woman have to posses to keep you around longer than 90 days?
Michael: She would be caring, mature but not too serious to laugh and be able to provide constructive critism in a loving way.

Michael Vincent Photography is Charlotte based, owner operated business catering to low income and working families as well as up and coming artists and models. Offering six years of impressive experience, his mission is to capture memories at affordable rates.

E-mail me to inquire about Michael’s contact information.