If you talk to ten African American single adults, ages 25-95 in the Charlotte region, more than half would proclaim that the dating scene is insufficient here. By the time most approach thirty, the games of dating become played out. Much like peak-a-boo seemed vintage upon your arrival to Kindergarten, there’s a thirst for a more mentally rewarding challenge. The time has come to graduate to a more advance class of scholars and lovers to elevate the perception of Charlotte African American singles.

However, the responsibilities of adulthood and/or parenthood leaves little time for play dates…let alone naptime! Forty hour workweeks, homework for either yourself or the kid(s)-possibly both, housework, gym, a little reality TV- who has time to go comb the market for a suitable person to share the little bit of free time you have. With the increased popularity of on-line dating services, social networking and Skype, meeting face to face before exchanging names, phone numbers and going on a first date, isn’t necessary, in most case isn’t even a requirement.

The dating scene doesn’t suck in Charlotte. The dating scene in Charlotte is impersonal, routine and stereotyped. My goal is to break inaccurate urban myths outside its caged cocoons responsible for hatching eggs within the African American community. I’m hoping local Charlotte residents can all spread our wings and fly above the pile of excuses for not finding love and be captivated to a forum of comfort and beauty in our neighborhood and hearts. Hence, the birth of Black Butterfly.

Black Butterfly will be a series of articles geared towards African American singles, our local culture and dating scene. Included will be short bios of local single Charlotte residents, hot events with a buffet of eligible dates or venues that provide a cozy dating atmosphere.

Promoters, business owners and singles this is our chance to shine. If you are interested in being featured e-mail your information and you will be contacted.